Food Trip: Dae Jang Geum

 photo 20130222_120928_zpsf384a73f.jpgI’ve said time and time again that I am not into Korean food but I just have no choice here in Vietnam.  I have to learn to love K-food.  And today, was a real treat as I enjoyed not only the food but the ambiance of as well of Dae Jang Geum restaurant.

Inspired by the 2003 Korean TV Drama, “Jewel in the Palace” focused on the life of Jang Geum, set in the Chosun Dynasty, Dae Jang Geum is a Korean restaurant at Kumho Link Asiana in District 1.  Admittedly, I watched the whole series on TV dubbed in Filipino. 🙂 photo 20130222_131540_zps666e0f23.jpg

Dolls in Korean national dress, the hanbok, are part of the decor. As you enter the entrance, you’ll also see these elegantly designed hanbok.

 photo 20130222_120935_zps59b8461c.jpg

The restaurant is divided into small rooms where you can have private dining or share with other diners.  I think it’s an ideal place for meetings — especially in Kumho where a lot of companies have taken office.

 photo 20130222_120958_zpsa63bdc98.jpg

As with usual dining in any Korean place, you have a spoon and chopsticks. I’m just not keen about this flat metal chopsticks.  I’m not too adept in using ’em.

 photo 20130222_121244_zps507d50a3.jpg

I’m not sure what kind of beef that was ordered but it tasted delicious wrapped in this fresh veggies with kimchi and dipped in the Korean dipping sauce (ssamjang).

 photo 20130222_122000_zps52c3b5a6.jpg

I also tried this cinnamon iced tea which tasted (well cinnamon-y, hehe) refreshing.

 photo 20130222_122342_zps55d2cce2.jpg

Of course we just had to order Bibimbap. I still think the Bibimbap in Khan tasted better but I couldn’t get enough of this at Dae Jang Geum.

 photo 20130222_123319_zpsb85a97e6.jpgThe seafood hotpot was piping hot just the way I liked it. A must try!

 photo 20130222_124511_zps91363bc9.jpgDessert wrapped up lunch with a platter of watermelon.

 photo 20130222_130820_zpsb7937555.jpg


Oh and the price?  It’s in the mid-range. Not too pricey for this kind of place. 😉


Thanks Ms. Hanh and the rest of the admin team for introducing me to this charming place. Will be sure to bring the family. 🙂

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