The Fairy Stream

 photo IMG_2528_zps88f70645.jpg

We’ve been to Mui Ne several times but have never gone to the Fairy Stream or Suoi Tien in Vietnamese.  It’s not really difficult finding this place. Just watch out for lots of taxi cabs and tourist buses in front of this along Nguyen Dinh Chieu St. as you head out to the dunes. 

 photo IMG_2526_zps88750879.jpgAs you walk to the stream, you’ll be greeted with this fishy smell emanating from these jars where shrimp paste (I think) is fermenting.

Just a few meters from this, is the entrance to the Fairy Stream where some kids will tell you to leave your footwear for a fee. Of course we just opted to carry our shoes with us. 😀

 photo IMG_2531_zps1c9d19ff.jpgMy son who hates the dirt didn’t want to part with his sandals. LOL. He didn’t even want to walk on the stream. He’s that averse to such activities. But as we went upstream, he got the hang of it and started calling the our tour an adventure.

 photo IMG_2533_zps14979555.jpgThe stream looked murky but it’s really because of the natural color of the soil underneath. Except for a few parts (tourists seem to be throwing trash and was collecting at the banks near the grass), the main stream is really clean.

 photo IMG_2536_zpsc02b7b92.jpg
Weathering and soil erosion has created interesting patterns on the banks.

 photo IMG_2542_zps0c436aa0.jpgCan you imagine the water going up this high?

 photo IMG_2544_zps5eadb851.jpgI was kinda irritated with people writing and defacing the wall.

 photo IMG_2565_zps867f7c55.jpgHubby and Sam decided to see more of the stream from way up —

 photo 20130208_172354_zps11473769.jpgTheir effort was rewarded by this awesome view —-

 photo IMG_2556_zpsaf775f2b.jpgWe didn’t get to explore the whole stream because we didn’t know how long it was. It seemed like it stretched for kilometers.

 photo IMG_2546_zpscc11687b.jpgSo we headed back, and just checked out a couple of ostriches near the entrance of the stream.

 photo IMG_2567_zpsfcc8d942.jpgSee the seats on these birds? Yes, you can go ride one. Yowzah!

All in all, it was a pretty good experience. My son still hasn’t gotten over the visit to the Fairy Stream and has just told me that he loved it there and want to come back.

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