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Food Trip: Big Rollers

I don’t know about you but there are days when I don’t want to cook breakfast. After a quick chat with friends who were equally lazy, we decided to try the breakfast selection in the newly opened Big Rollers in … Continue reading

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Oi! Oi! Oi!

In Filipino, “Oi!” or “Oy!” means “Hey!”   This magazine actually called out to me when we visited Gloria Jeans earlier this afternoon.  And I’m glad it says READ ME TAKE ME on the front cover so I didn’t feel like … Continue reading

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Datanla Waterfalls

I think this is my first ever waterfalls in Vietnam that I came close and personal with. Situated in the mountains of Dalat before you get inside  the town proper. It’s also a site for many activities like swimming, cable … Continue reading

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Help Wanted

I understand how difficult it is to find help these days that’s why I truly value our nanny. She’s been with us for nearly two years and the kids love her. My second son who is 11 months now looks … Continue reading

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2013 Lent Schedule

It’s Lent once again and although Vietnam isn’t a Catholic country, Catholics here do their best to observe Lent. On my way to the office this morning, this Holy Thursday, people filled the Notre Dame Cathedral. It is not easy … Continue reading

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Awesome Coffee!

I didn’t know that things could get hectic as the past two weeks have been. With the coming vacation of our nanny, things will get pretty toxic for me. It’s been weeks too since we’ve last seen friends so it … Continue reading

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Minh Long

Don’t you just love these mugs from Minh Long? A quick shopping with friends brought me to Minh Long in Crescent Mall. I wasn’t looking out to buy anything so I was just checking the crockery. Minh Long has real beautiful … Continue reading

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American Eye Center

I had the worst luck last week. After an allergy attack last Sunday due to sardines which caused me to go to the ER, I experienced eye strain on Monday which eventually led to a real bad headache.  The fatigue … Continue reading

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…and the Bike Bag goes to —-

TJ Vargas of! 🙂 This photo is entitled, “Save the Veggies, Save the World!” Thanks to everyone who joined the Win a Bike Bag Challenge. Another favorite is this photo actually taken by hubby. It’s blurry but really funny. … Continue reading

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Food Trip: Wok n’ Roll

Hubby has been hearing good reviews about the American Chinese Food, Wok n’ Roll (delivery only!) that he suggested we try it out. It was served of course in the standard Chinese take-out boxes. Prices range from 25,000 VND to 109,000 VND. … Continue reading

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