Yellow Sand Dunes, Mui Ne

I’m pretty sure that lots of people have shared photos of their visit to Mui Ne’s natural wonder, the sand dunes.  I’m posting about the Yellow Sand Dunes which is nearer to the beach resorts. I’ve been to the White Sand Dunes too and just being surrounded with so much sand in a tropical country is really something to see.

 photo 20130208_163525_zps121fd7b7.jpg

Three years ago, I went here with my then one year old son. Now, we came back with two — a 4-year old and a 9 month old. I haven’t climbed the dunes without a carrying a babe! 

 photo 20130208_163811_zps39576870.jpg
The photos don’t do the dunes justice. You can’t understand how high or deep these is!

 photo 20130208_164019_zpsa9625bae.jpgIt was really difficult walking up with a baby on a sling.

 photo 20130208_164024_zps9a2171a8.jpgNow this area is really, really deep! I was careful not to slip into it. I’d probably have a hell of time climbing back up!

 photo 20130208_164254_zpsf0f75f1e.jpgThis pockmarked sand looked like a slice of what could probably be like up on the moon.

 photo 20130208_163210_zps84f34387.jpgJust a tip, when visiting the dunes, best to go barefoot or wear hiking boots. Sandals or slippers will do you no good.

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