Fishing Village, Mui Ne

Another site I love visiting in Mui Ne is the Fishing Village.

 photo IMG_2519_zps9125852f.jpg

It’s a welcome reprieve from seeing being amidst a sea of motorbikes in the city. 😉

 photo IMG_2520_zps550959db.jpg

And you have to agree that the boats docked together look pretty amazing.  Not two are identical but the sky blue color is pretty much the color-code for the boats here. photo IMG_2521_zps2aaedb7c.jpg

Even the tub-shaped boats are painted blue.  Are these stable? I wonder. 

 photo IMG_2522_zps6d59c224.jpg

It’s customary to see the Vietnam flag on a boat.

 photo IMG_2524_zps24d62e2b.jpgThe Fishing Village is found way past the beach resorts and serves as a sign that this is where the “real” Vietnamese people in Mui Ne are living.

In the evening, the sidewalks nearby turn into mini restaurants serving their specialty, crocodile barbecue.  Too bad I didn’t get to take photos.

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