American Eye Center

I had the worst luck last week.

After an allergy attack last Sunday due to sardines which caused me to go to the ER, I experienced eye strain on Monday which eventually led to a real bad headache.  The fatigue and stress from the allergy attack last weekend + eye problem can only mean a bad week.

Since I haven’t seen an eye doctor since we got here in Vietnam, I thought it would be best to see one now.
 photo 20130311_155728_zps17cc4534.jpgSo enter American Eye Center at the 5th floor of the Crescent Residence.

 photo 20130311_155742_zps79d28b46.jpgMy eldest went along so it was pretty cool to see this mini-play area.

 photo 20130311_164531_zps818b72ab.jpgYou can actually bring family along while you have your eyes being checked.  Sam got to hang out in one.

Two doctors saw me, including the head, Dr. Nam Tran Pham.  Dr. Pham was actually the head of Ophthalmology in FV Hospital when she decided to have her own practice bringing in other doctors with the her same philosophy.

I’m so bad with names but the main doctor who saw me was fantastic. He was very thorough and explained every test and answered all my questions.   AEC’s equipment were pretty spiffy too.

Overall, I highly recommend AEC. The price may be a little expensive but the equipment, customer service, and thoroughness of the doctors makes everything worth it. Oh and since I used an HSBC credit card, I got 10% discount.

My eye is still in pretty good shape (+0.75) but the dryness is really bad. The doctor recommended eyedrops and a pair of reading glasses to help me focus when reading and using the computer.

 photo 20130312_180857_zpse583a5c8.jpgI bought the glasses from Sky Optical Group in Sky Garden 1 — the same one found in Lotte Mart.  They’ve got a lot of frames to choose from and best of all, they give discounts as they have just opened their shop in Sky Garden.

My son said that I look like a teacher when I wear ’em.  I’ll take that as a compliment. 😉

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6 Responses to American Eye Center

  1. Toan Thang says:

    How much did it cost for the eye check up?

  2. Toan Thang says:

    Hmm I guess I got ripped off then. I went to this one place and they charged me 1,680,000 VND for a eye check up and a pair of cheap glasses on Le Thanh Ton st. GRRRRR

    Ps- And the place did not look as nearly professional as the place that you went to. =[

  3. Toan Thang says:

    I think the place was called Ngoc Toan. Quite a few people recommended the place on Tripadvisor. *shrugs*

    Guess I walked in looking like an easy target. haha. In hind sight, I probably shouldve went to a few places to get quotes.

    Ps- Love your blog BTW.

    • Lyra says:

      Don’t beat yourself up. I actually felt the 936kVND is really expensive but I just went ahead because it’s highly recommended by a friend who has been going there for years. I didn’t check other eye centers too!

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