Awesome Coffee!

I didn’t know that things could get hectic as the past two weeks have been. With the coming vacation of our nanny, things will get pretty toxic for me. It’s been weeks too since we’ve last seen friends so it was awesome to take some time out for a bit.

 photo 20130324_205335_zps9ad8195a.jpg

I’ve been passing by this cafe for some time now and I wanted to try it out. But it seems to be a pretty terrific cafe to spend with friends. 

 photo IMG_0394_zpsfcbc5d26.jpgI really love the furniture and interiors of the cafe.

 photo 20130324_200745_zpscb5738db.jpgWe were quickly charmed by the ambiance and the warmth of the owner and servers.

 photo 20130324_205134_zps76dac99b.jpgI chatted a bit with the Korean owner, Mr. Song who was quite happy to share some photos I’m sharing here.

 photo IMG_0607_zpsdc28a59e.jpgMr. Song is the guy behind this inspired coffee cup lights.

 photo IMG_0171_zps3017372e.jpgThe coffee is delicious and at par with those designer coffee around Saigon.  They serve, hot, cold, and iced coffee.

 photo 20130324_201451_zps964da73a.jpgThe waffles were delicious as well! We had to have two of this! 🙂

 photo 20130324_201141_zps12d08cd7.jpgAnd they serve cakes too!

 photo IMG_0571_zps3642a37e.jpgThey’re open from 9 am to 10 pm so it looks like the group will be definitely hanging out here more often.

 photo IMG_0385_zps28cb32c3.jpgHere’s to more awesome coffee with awesome people at Awesome Cafe!

 photo 20130324_205148_zps1dd8e5f1.jpgVisit Awesome Cafe at D2-21 My Toan 3, PMH, D7 and check out what’s happening in the cafe through their Awesome Coffee Facebook page.

 photo 20130324_205116_zps3d938bb1.jpg

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4 Responses to Awesome Coffee!

  1. sillyashy says:

    Nice…can’t wait to give it a try..

  2. lyse says:

    I’m trying it. The place has a very nice mood, suitable for those who are looking for a peaceful night to spend after a busy day. Love it. Thanks for the recommendation

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