Help Wanted

 photo SMemo_zpscf0e6e10.jpgI understand how difficult it is to find help these days that’s why I truly value our nanny. She’s been with us for nearly two years and the kids love her. My second son who is 11 months now looks up to her as a second mom.

I know that I don’t own my nanny and that she can decide for herself if she wants to go or not even without somebody else offering her a job. But it really saddened me when somebody wanted to take our nanny away from us even after our nanny has graciously turned her down already.

I’m sure most of us has had the experience in training our helpers on where things are or how you like things done at home. It’s no easy task.

Furthermore, it’s difficult to find someone who you feel comfortable with, who you can trust with your home, and especially, your kids.

So before you make an offer to someone else’s nanny, please, please try to exhaust all other options. So many people in Saigon are looking for jobs.

Here in Saigon, you can check out Dependable Progress. This agency trains nannies and househelps before they allow them to take on a job. Groups such as the Vietnam Parents Network, An Phu Neighbours, and Phu My Hung Neighbours from time to time sends out information on those nannies and househelps looking for help. I’ve also put together a Nanny / Househelp Listing on people I’ve heard or read who are looking for a job.  Will try to update that list on a monthly basis. If you’re a nanny or househelp and you would like your name to be included in the list, please email me at

Thank you for taking time to read my rantings.

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2 Responses to Help Wanted

  1. lovely says:

    hello, pask ko lang if how much ang salary at usapan nyo.. i’m looking for help din po in saigon.thanks

    • lovely says:

      hello po ask ko lang if how much ang salary at usapan nyo sa time and off.. i’m looking for help din po in saigon.thanks

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