Oi! Oi! Oi!

 photo 20130330_143305_zps695ebe14.jpgIn Filipino, “Oi!” or “Oy!” means “Hey!”  

This magazine actually called out to me when we visited Gloria Jeans earlier this afternoon.  And I’m glad it says READ ME TAKE ME on the front cover so I didn’t feel like a criminal taking two copies.

But no Paolo, I still need the copies I requested.  🙂

So in the April Edition of Oi, it speaks of all that is luxurious in living in Saigon and beyond.

 photo 20130330_170953_zps971dac89.jpgIf you’re wondering where to have a terrific holiday within Saigon, you better read this edition.

It also features my good friends, the Jubans on the topic of raising bilingual kids —

 photo 20130330_143503_zps7ee2d75d.jpgI too have this problem with my eldest son. This reminds me to really push myself to make an effort to teach my son Filipino.

I also got lucky to have an article in Oi published about flying yoga. Thanks to Jelda for arranging the interview with Universal Yoga’s Dr. Chandra. Hopefully, I really get to try this form of yoga in the near future.

 photo 20130330_143127_zpsf02b3182.jpgWill write the back story on how this interview came about soon!

Oh and if you haven’t found a copy of Oi, you can download the whole magazine here.


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