Food Trip: Big Rollers

I don’t know about you but there are days when I don’t want to cook breakfast. After a quick chat with friends who were equally lazy, we decided to try the breakfast selection in the newly opened Big Rollers in Sky Garden 3 (right across Queenland grocery) in Phu My Hung.
 photo 20130322_115249_zps4e2d99dd.jpgI think the come-on of this place are its burgers because you don’t see that offered around Saigon a whole lot. I mean, yes there’s Burger King or Carl’s Jr. but you’ve got to admit, those are quite pricey.  But nope, I didn’t get to try their burgers yet.

 photo 20130329_082751_zpsa36255f4.jpgI ordered the Breakfast Meal, which yes, I could replicate in my kitchen but opted not to. LOL. This was pretty good though. Would love the toast to be toasted more.  The Big Breakfast Meal is this same meal plus one more egg and sausage.

 photo 20130329_082921_zpsea63f79e.jpgI completed my breakfast with a hot cuppa of an Italian blend of caffe mocha.

 photo 20130329_083016_zps73a88f98.jpgMy son wanted some pancakes which turned up like a crepe.  It has avocado and strawberry filling with bananas on the side. Really yummy!

 photo 20130329_084533_zps96a09245.jpgBay ordered banh mi. There were a lot of choices for filling but you can choose 5.

 photo 20130322_075548_zpsf4bc1028.jpgThe smoothies were good too. My son by the way ordered the Orange Juice and it was tad sour. A friend ordered Apple Juice but she said it was too sweet — I guess you’ve got to let the waiter know to hold the sugar and ask for sugar/syrup separately.

 photo 20130322_074747_zps9a4003d7.jpgThey have bun bo hue, vermicelli,  and spring rolls if you’d like a Vietnamese breakfast.

 photo 20130322_074058_zps35877b80.jpgIf you want a quieter space, the second floor may be a good place to hang out.

The food price doesn’t go over 55kVND if I remember correctly. Have  a terrific week ahead! Welcome April!

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