A few days ago, I downloaded the new online ordering app from Hungrypanda.  Hungrypanda is one of the more successful online ordering systems here in Vietnam covering the cities of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Danang, and Nha Trang.

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So last night, I was craving for some pizza and decided to try the Hungrypanda app. I just chose the city and district and chose from over a number of restaurants. I decided to just stick to what I know and ordered from Scoozi.

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The information about the restaurant includes the delivery fee and the delivery time.  For someone who’s really hungry, knowing the delivery time helps manage your expectations. 😛
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Since it was my first time to use the system, I had to register complete with mobile number verification. It was quick and painless. 😀

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Then I proceeded with the ordering. From start to finish (including the registration time), it all took me less than 5 minutes. I quickly received a confirmation of my order through email and through SMS.

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Information on the app says that the food will arrive in 45 minutes but according to the SMS I received it was ~55 minutes. Well, better to be informed than not at all!  Also, I tried ordering from other restaurants that do not deliver to our district just to see how it goes. You’d get a call telling you that they do not deliver to your area.
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Food arrived more than an hour later. I was kinda expecting it when I received a phone call after 50 minutes of waiting that they could not find the place. Blame it on the weird numbering system of our apartment. I should have written additional details when I ordered. There was a portion “Order comments” wherein you could write some instructions. I should have done that. :/

 photo 20130412_191858_zpsc9bd3463.jpg

What I like about Hungrypanda and their app is that it lets me place my orders without worrying whether the restaurant got my order correctly. I have trouble speaking Vietnamese and sometimes my English can’t be understood either.
 photo 20130412_191913_zps9bb12837.jpg

Also, I don’t have to rifle through the many delivery menu fliers. I honestly don’t know where I placed those. The app has all the information on the menu and you just have to select and add to your cart.

So there, try the app! You can download it in your mobile phone and see how it goes. Or you can just go to to order via your computer. Excuse me as I finish some leftover pizza.

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2 Responses to Hungry?

  1. Very exciting to know there is a delivery service like this… will give it a try when I am in VN. Thank you for yet another informative blog with great photos and info. You rock!!!!

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