Sweet Stuff

For my son’s party, I decided cake and cupcakes would be perfect. I mean what’s a party without the standard sweet stuff, right?

 photo rafa1-1-66800x538_zps9570be57.jpgLuckily I’m friends with the talented, Jelda Jayne Miranda who did my son’s baptism cake of Mario Brothers.

And remember Shirley who did the awesome birthday cake for her son? Shirl did the cupcakes!

 photo rafa1-1-40800x513_zpsd70438d7.jpgUnfortunately Shirley is in Manila teaching baking to grade schoolers in Poveda Learning Center for a week. She’ll be back this week so if you’re interested in her delicious creations, you can email her at shirley.yanga@gmail.com. 😉

Thanks Jelda and Shirley!

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