Gourmet’s Delight

 photo 20130423_112458_zps45e6366e.jpgThe search for the best tasting and affordable Dimsum is still on!  There are still lots of places to try out.  Luckily, I have friends who equally love dimsum as well.  Thanks to Kat and Ria for introducing me to Gourmet’s Delight at the 1st Floor of Kumho Asiana Plaza.

What I love most about the food here is that there’s no MSG!!!  The thing with dimsum is that it’s usually prepared with this and unfortunately, my body reacts badly to it. 😦

I didn’t get to study the menu too much because Kat pretty much ordered for everybody.  I was starving and Kat’s selection made my tummy very happy.

For starters, we had this sesame-topped bread filled with pork-bbq I think. I am so not sure what it’s called BUT for Filipinos the filling tastes like Siopao Asado.  Really, really good that’s why we had to order twice for this!

 photo 20130423_112738_zps0b2653f5.jpgThen, of course, we had the hacao, siomai, and siopao.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to taste the siopao because we just had a lot on our plate!

 photo 20130423_113839_zpsadce0e4f.jpg

There was this spring roll — one is filled with shrimp and the other with vegetables.

 photo 20130423_114439_zpsb992a9db.jpgThere’s the spinach with garlic too —

 photo 20130423_114802_zps69881742.jpgAnd Kat’s favorite, pork rib!

 photo 20130423_114223_zpse3c425ff.jpg

If you think about it, this ain’t much but since we’re Filipinos, we had to order rice with this. 😛 So now you know we stuffed ourselves silly with this meal!

Would love to go back with the family VERY, VERY SOON!  I have to get that siopao!!!

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