Tourist for a Day

 photo IMG_2865_zps0522f264.jpgThis post is almost 3 months late. Can’t believe we are well into 2013 already.

If you’ve been living in Saigon for a long time, what would you like to do as a tourist?  As it happens, we, as a family, just wanna walk around Saigon and just take in the sights.  Saigon is a very walkable city.

 photo IMG_2870_zpsf5b2c340.jpg

The streets were still all dolled up for Tet and not much traffic during this time while most were away on a holiday.

 photo IMG_2872_zps1786782b.jpgBeen wanting to get these pop up cards but it can get quite expensive. 😛  But these really look beautiful. You can just imagine the work and craftsmanship put in every design.

 photo IMG_2873_zps289dfbbd.jpgLe Loi St. is fast becoming a mall and fashion center.

 photo IMG_2880_zps81cb6ce2.jpgVincom A, the mall formerly known as Eden Mall, looks resplendent with its white facade.

 photo IMG_2883_zpsa2a1d9b6.jpgAnd if you’re crossing from Rex Hotel to Vincom A, you just have to stop and stare at the plaza in between where Ho Chi Minh sits right in front of the People’s Committee Building. It was a beautiful day when we went out!

 photo IMG_2887_zps93c03a56.jpgThe place was brilliant with all the flowers!

 photo IMG_2889_zpsd8e76f41.jpgIt was a bit warm and we could have used an ice cream to cool off.

 photo IMG_2891_zps5259af75.jpgA burst of pink TET colors inside the mall.

 photo 20130214_141422_zps82efb232.jpgWe stopped for lunch at Vincom A and then we set off to Dong Khoi St. I just love taking photos of the Continental Hotel against the jutting Vincom Mall. Old meets new.

 photo 20130214_141428_zps54ce9455.jpgThe Saigon Opera House is one my favorite subjects in Saigon — it just draw you in.

 photo 20130214_142234_zpsdc246421.jpg

Dong Khoi St, if you let it, will rid you of your budget. This street is home to a lot of high-end shops.

 photo 20130214_142444_zpsf92c4237.jpg

It is also where lots of tourists stay — lots of hotels around!  It was really cool to see these tourists on the cyclos ready to tour the city!

We actually ended up at the newly opened Auntie Anne’s then before we headed back to Saigon Centre where our ride was waiting for us.

So what would you do in a day in Saigon?

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2 Responses to Tourist for a Day

  1. Mathew Gomez says:

    I wouldn’t say that Ho Chi Minh City has the best shopping experience for international brands. The shopping mall does not compare to Bangkok or Singapore. Stick to local handicrafts like silk scarves and ethnic hilltribe handbags which is more unique. I found the only place worth visiting in this place is the food court in the basement especially if you’re looking for a quick bite in air conditioning environment. Lots of cafes and Asian restaurants (Japanese, Korean…).

    • Lyra says:

      Hi Matthew! Yes HCMC is still not at par with BKK or SG shopping malls — nor KL or Manila.

      It’s too expensive here.

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