Oi’s Out!

 photo 20130504_075730_zpsde3274bd.jpgThe May issue of Oi is out!

And I love the cover! I so wish I can fit in an ao dai! At least before we head on home, I hope to be able to have one made for me!

So anyway, lots of interesting articles in this issue!

Of course as the cover suggests, there are a few pages featuring Cho Lon. Get to know Cho Lon and understand why it’s Vietnam’s “China Town”.  And nope, it’s not just all about the marketed products there. 😛

Another interesting article in this issue is about the different dips that is served on your table when eating Vietnamese cuisine!  I always wonder what goes with what so this is a terrific article to find out what you’re dipping into! 😉

 photo 20130504_075812_zps7b53b8d4.jpgYou’ve also got to check Dropout Diaries‘ Barbara’s column.  There’s always an delicious dish that, you’ve gotta try!

 photo 20130504_080133_zps630431e4.jpgThere’s also a Bangkok article that caught my eye because that may very well be our next travel this year.

 photo 20130504_080157_zps87a9500b.jpgAn article that tugged my heart is the story of Moi, a 65-year old photographer circling tourist spots in Saigon taking photos of tourists and locals who don’t have a digital camera to capture moments. But really, who doesn’t have a digital camera these days? Even those cheap mobile phones have one. Moi is a war veteran who only knew how to shoot with a gun and drop grenades. Now he’s doing a different kind of shooting. Unfortunately, he’s lucky to get 1 or 2 shots in a day.

 photo 20130504_080310_zpsabb00380.jpgIf you’ve read a little on the Vietnam War, I’m sure you would have come across the Napalm Girl (Kim Phuc) photo taken by Nick Ut. There’s a terrific interview with him by James Pham this month. A MUST READ.

 photo 20130504_094513_zps81b981b3.jpgAnd to the not so serious stuff, please check out my article. Photos were taken by Quinn Ryan Mattingly. Again, cupcakes by my good friend Shirley Santos (shirley.yanga@gmail.com) and cake by Jelda. 🙂

 photo 20130504_080245_zps6e854478.jpgOh and if you want to win a goodie bag from Oi, send your caption of the photo below to www.oivietnam.com.

 photo 20130504_085316_zpsa64dc48c.jpgAnd if you can’t find a copy of Oi (which is hardly like because this mag is distributed everywhere in Saigon!!!), you can head on to the website and download a copy.

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  1. robertstockdill says:

    Thank you SO much Lyra! You’re awesome Robert (Oi)

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