Food Trip: Paris Baguette Cafe

 photo 20130514_165816_zpsfad89ec8.jpgI know that this cafe need no introductions but this opened last Saturday invading our quiet neighborhood only known for small home-owned coffee shops.

 photo 20130512_164108_zpsdc778dd9.jpg

Of course Paris Baguette Cafe has been around in Saigon for a long time but I actually haven’t visited one so I don’t know what to expect. And I can hardly ignore it because it’s just a few steps away from my son’s bus stop.

 photo 20130512_163812_zps0a2b873b.jpg

And it’s open real early! So after dropping off the kids from school, you can see a flock of mommas heading toward this place. Plus, some moms drop by to buy their kids some school snack.

 photo 20130512_163612_zpsc26fa2b8.jpg

The first floor houses the bread while the top floor is the cafe. The cafe is pretty fancy with mirrored ceilings. But it’s actually not ideal for breastfeeding mommas like me. 😛

The thing is though, the price of the different bread here is not inexpensive. But if you’re a fan of Bread Talk, they also have the floss and smart aleck.

I was kinda disappointed with my cold coffee (Mocha Latte). But hubby said that it really tasted that way. Well I guess it wasn’t my cup of coffee. 😛

However, I’d come back for the the Ice Flakes. This was really good. 

 photo 20130512_170309_zps5769443b.jpgFor coffee though, it’s still Awesome Coffee for me though. 🙂




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5 Responses to Food Trip: Paris Baguette Cafe

  1. Joe says:

    I went in there on the second day they were open. One cook was busy picking his nose while making pastries. Another one of the cooks used a doughnut to wipe the sweat off of another cooks arm. Seriously, I am not exaggerating. She then put the doughnut on a tray to served it to customers. I immediately complained to the manager. She did nothing about it what so ever. She would not even remove any of the doughnuts from the try.

    I told them I will never go back there again. Be careful what you eat.

    • Lyra Dacio says:

      Joe I believe you. But if you think that only happens in Paris Baguette, you’re sadly mistaken. I know a few. I’ve seen kids touch the donuts. Oh in another bakeshop, a kid bit into a bread and put it back. 😛

      • Joe says:

        I know things like that happens at many (most?) places here, but I was hoping for something better from a place that is a little more upscale and where they have their cooks/bakers on display for customers to see.

        So what you are tell me is, “Do not buy bread with teeth/bite marks on the crust.” 🙂

  2. Albert Najima says:

    Just tonight went to paris baguettes to enjoy some piece of mind and browse the Internet …the music was so loud tasteless and
    vulgar so l had to leave …

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