Getting lost in the Streets of Saigon

Early this week I had to do some errands and found myself in an alley along Nguyen Thi Minh Khai.

 photo 20130521_113326_zpsd2383008.jpg
The thing with alleys here in Saigon that these are actually gateways to communities. And we’re not talking about a handful of houses.  No sirreeee!

 photo 20130521_113411_zpsbfb4efca.jpg
So with the address in my hand, I stepped into the unknown. Halfway through, the house number on my paper just didn’t jive with all the house numbers I was seeing!

 photo 20130521_113032_zps577de4ab.jpg
I’m slightly claustrophobic and as the hems got narrower and narrower, I was kinda panicking. The hem can fit 2 motorbikes at first but check the end of the photo below. That can only fit a person!

 photo 20130521_113026_zpsa9c7588d.jpg
It was intensified by the fact that I may not be able to retrace my steps back. 😛 That’s why I started taking photos! LOL.

 photo 20130521_113220_zps04fda5eb.jpg
But as always, in Vietnam, I found solace that the people are friendly despite the language barrier. I approached a school girl who was with a friend and who was obviously in a rush.  Did she leave me? NO! She helped me go ’round and ’round the hem asking people for me. She is an angel!

 photo 20130521_112957_zps920a1e23.jpg
With her with me, we found the place in no time!

 photo 20130521_113113_zpseda7c65e.jpg Thanks em! That was an adventure! 😉

 photo 20130521_113437_zps4d720cff.jpg

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