Meeting the Windwalkers

 photo 20130521_210848_zps1f1a9e21.jpgEversince I heard about traveling families, I’ve always wanted to meet one if I can’t make my own family become a traveling family.

I always thought that it’ll be interesting to listen to their stories about their life and travels. I have so many questions!

Where did they just come from? Where are they going to next? What is their favorite country they visited so far? Do they ever want to settle down? What country did you stay in the longest?

I’m fascinated on how they can do it. And how had their travels transformed them as an individual and as a family.

So when we heard Talon Windwalker of 1 Dad 1 Kid is in Vietnam with his son and is passing by Ho Chi Minh City, we didn’t want to pass up the chance. As of today, they’ve been seeing the world for 757 days! My friend Ria (who’s itching to travel too) and I grabbed the opportunity to meet up with them. After a series of tweets, we finally met last week. It was a terrific dinner! We were one of the earliest customers in Hoang Yen (D1) and we closed the restaurant! We wished we had more time!

Now, the Windwalkers are currently in Indonesia and there’s no stopping them.

Theirs is a truly inspiring story and am so happy to have met a travelling family that I thought I’d only meet virtually.

Hope to see you guys here in Saigon again!

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