Cafe Review: Master’s Cup Coffee House

 photo 20130517_091414_zpsb31d93f9.jpgA couple of weeks ago, I went for a bike ride together with a couple of friends.

Before you think I’ve suddenly turned into a health nut, we were riding our electric bikes. 🙂 My two friends decided to join me as I do some research.

I’ve always been fascinated with the Canh Vien area across Riverside Residences because it is a lovely and quiet place with a huge park that I’m sure my kids will enjoy.

The only drawback was that it was way too far from District 1. It’s quite expensive if you ride the cab and yes, the Dong Khoi – PMH Shuttle drives by this place too but not as often compared to Sky Garden.

But anyway, I digress.

It was a sunny morning when biked to this area and decided to stop by Master’s Cup Coffee House. It was my first time here and a second time for one of my friends. Like most shops here, it’s a villa-turned-cafe.

 photo 20130517_092303_zps58765ab2.jpg

There weren’t much people around so it was a nice place to just relax and have a chat.

 photo 20130517_092642_zps91ac453a.jpgThe prices ain’t too bad!

 photo 20130517_091831_zps5efbc0df.jpg

You can also stay at the upper floors but some were organized as small meeting rooms. Master’s Cup was established in 2006 initially designed to cater to Vietnamese students to have a place to practice their English.

 photo 20130517_092352_zps3ad7cafe.jpg

We ordered a couple of cafe latte and a cafe mocha.

 photo 20130517_093253_zpsbc81c196.jpgThe coffee is made from Indochine coffee beans and is real good!

 photo 20130517_093244_zps5988d3f9.jpg

Of course we just had to try their Apple Pie —

 photo 20130517_093305_zpsd74d3dfe.jpg

and their Chocolate Cheesecake. photo 20130517_093258_zpsdf6dfb0c.jpg

Wish this weren’t too far from our place. It’s a real nice coffee shop to stay awhile.
 photo IMG_20130517_093502_zps76d710ba.jpg
Master’s Cup Coffee House
Moved to the Canal District behind the Panorama Building in PMH

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6 Responses to Cafe Review: Master’s Cup Coffee House

  1. Molly says:

    Thank you for your kind comments & hope to see you back in the near future!

  2. LOVE Master’s Cup! Can’t wait to return to HCMC and spend more time there!

  3. Beamie says:

    Really enjoyed Master’s Cup when we visited Saigon last summer. Wonderful coffee and goodies!

  4. I enjoyed reading your posts..You are helping me prepare for my move to Saigon in two weeks…. Thank you

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