Food Trip: Nam Giao

 photo 20130603_125312_zps3d23f23e.jpgI love having a job because it allows me to interact with the locals. And my officemates are just awesome.

So yesterday, Thao brought me to Nam Giao for some authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

It was lunch time so the place was teeming with people. Nam Giao is quite popular so it occupies two units along within Hem 136 just along Le Thanh Ton street behind Cho Ben Thanh in District 1.

 photo 20130603_130935_zps514a9bd3.jpgIt has an open and closed area. We ate at the open area which thankfully wasn’t hot.

 photo 20130603_123149_zps6d6c916e.jpgThao underestimated my eating prowess and ordered two sets of  Phuongthao:  bánh bèo tôm tươi (no. 3 in the menu):

 photo 20130603_122642_zps83550091.jpgThis was actually pretty good.

 photo 20130603_122615_zpsc5c0e177.jpgAnd we shared in this rolled rice called bánh cuốn tôm chấy (no. 6 in the menu):

 photo 20130603_122626_zpsbca58285.jpgThe Vietnamese have invented creative ways how to server glutinous rice. 😉  I didn’t know that what we ordered were already filling that’s why I still ordered a bowl of bun bo hue:

 photo 20130603_123813_zps27a83c10.jpgHow do you know if you’re at the right place? Hem 136 is the pampering alley — where you can have a manicure or pedicure at a very low price. Just take a seat and voila you’ll have prettified nails in no time!

 photo 20130603_125333_zps3558957e.jpgSo you’re in for two treats at Hem 136: authentic Vietnamese cuisine and some pampering! 😉

Thanks Thao for showing me this place!

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5 Responses to Food Trip: Nam Giao

  1. sillyashy says:

    You know what, each time i read your blog, it makes me wanna come back to vietnam again.

  2. no dink says:

    I had such a bad exp w/ this particular restaurant a few years back. I was w/ my wife & her bro for lunch and afterward I got a bad case of food poisoning. I was the only one got sick. Must be a bad shrimp that day. Luckily I got better & made my flight to Malaysia the next day. Wheewww.. 🙂

    • Lyra says:

      Awww that’s too bad! As with any hole-in-the-wall food — consume with caution! Glad your bad experience didn’t hinder you from getting on your flight!

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