Food Review: Boom Boom Burgers

 photo boom_zps661ef1ad.jpgAs I was reading this month’s edition of Oi Magazine, I saw this ad about Boom Boom Burgers. Am seriously getting tired of my lunch options when I’m at the office so I thought may be I’d try the Boom Boom Burger.

So I sent them an SMS and got a quick response except that the Boom Boom Burger is only  75k and not 95k as it says in the website — and I do not qualify for delivery. Their minimum is 90k VND. So, I went to check Boom Boom Burgers Facebook site instead where the menu is updated. They only do deliveries.

I ordered the Double Boom Boom Burger which arrived 30 minutes after.

 photo 20130610_122855_zps365a4479.jpgExceptionally tasty! The double patty doesn’t disappoint. I honestly like this better than Burger Oi which is a bit dry for me.  😉

Boom Boom Burgers
090 953 23 78

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3 Responses to Food Review: Boom Boom Burgers

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  2. バッグ 通販 激安 [人気の長財布]

  3. daniel says:

    This is Vietnam’s version of In and Out burger. One of my of favorite. Only thing is they need to remove the foil paper which traps the juicey burger and gets the buns soggy at times. Paper like how Lucky Dog wraps their Hot dogs would be ideal for this burger. It’ll soak up some of the juice instead of making the buns soggy. Little more fries would also be ideal. But it’s my choice before McDonalds comes up.

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