Instax Mini

 photo 20130404_193151_zpseec753b9.jpg

For a couple of years now, I’ve been wanting to get an Instax Mini.

I know you must be scratching your head on that  since it’s the digital age and why do I need a Polaroid these days, right?

Low EQ? I think so too.

So this is purely an emotional buy. I was thinking of getting a Lomo instead but getting the photo printed will take some time and energy so I settled for the Instax Mini.

A couple of years back, it wasn’t easy to find this in the Vietnam market. Today, it’s so easy!

I got this from Shop May Anh Instax through their Facebook page. The transaction was all done via SMS. After confirming on what I wanted, they delivered in two days. That quick! But if you search more, sells too and they’re heavily discounted. 😉

 photo 20130404_193228_zps22c82d4d.jpg

So there, if you’re like me with a very poor emotional quotient, an Instax Mini may be for you. It’s time to whip out those scrapbooking skills of mine to put these photos to good use!

 photo 996788_10151962615872646_1491596951_n_zpsc52f32aa.jpg

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