Xiang Flower & Tea

Last week, part of the walkway joining Kumho Link to Kumho Asiana was sectioned off to make way for the construction of Xiang Flower & Tea (right in front of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf). Today, it finally opened and was giving 20% discount.

 photo 20130618_162821_zpsdab7b3bd.jpgThe fresh flowers were irresistible.

 photo 20130618_162813_zpsba2db79d.jpgSigh. Sigh. Sigh.

 photo 20130618_123639_zps9f0ad305.jpgI just had to get a bunch.

 photo 20130618_162743_zps0cdeca4c.jpgI bought white roses at lunch and dropped by in the afternoon before I went home to collect.

 photo 20130618_174951_zps22d09fcc.jpgNot bad for 100,000 VND  for 19 roses.

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