Swimming Classes in HCMC

 photo 20130619_093423_zpsf28c0f09.jpgNow that school is out, I’m harassing my son to swim. He has swimming classes in school but his “grade” didn’t improve at all during the whole year. 😦

A couple of weeks ago, I started taking swimming lessons. Not only for health reasons but I also wanted to be confident in the water when taking my kids for a swim. When I was little, my mom enrolled me in a swimming school but it has been years (literally) since I actually swam the right way. I mean usually back then, when we say we want to go swimming during the hot summer months in Manila, it just meant wading and cooling off in the water.

For toddlers and kids in Saigon, there used to me Little Kix Swim School until the instructor moved to Manila. And I also heard of Rubber Duckies Vietnam. But the site doesn’t seem to be updated so I’m in the hunt of a good kiddie swim school. If not, I’d probably just ask my teacher in Phu My Hung’s YOFI Center in Sky Garden.

For those who want to learn how to swim in YOFI Center, for  ages 7 and above, it’s 1,500,000 VND/style for 12 sessions valid over 3 months. Or you can drop in and pay 150,000 VND per hour. But if you want to study with another person, it’s 250,000 VND per hour a pair.

For kids under 7 years old, the cost is:

1 month – 1,200,00 VND/kid
2 months – 2,200,000 VND/kid
3 months – 3,200,000 VND/kid

And you still have to pay the entrance fee to the pool which is 35,000 VND for children and 50,000 VND for adults.

My teacher is Phuong and is quite a tyrant. But his style worked for me. There’s also Tu and Tien (not sure). Tu is great with kids and Tien is very, very patient. Tien substituted for Phuong a couple of times and I really liked that he doesn’t get tired repeating instructions and showing me the proper way to swim.

So there — just an alternative activity for your kids this school break!

YOFI Center
54103008 / 54103009

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6 Responses to Swimming Classes in HCMC

  1. Sara says:

    Hi Lyra,

    Love your blog!

    I am looking for a swimming instructor for my 2 year old boy and was just wondering if you have any recommendations. I live in Phu My Hung as well and I am hoping to find someone who will teach at our pool where we live.

    Hope to hear from you soon!!

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