Ginkgo Opens Its 1st Concept Store

 photo gingko_zps65d497dc.jpgphoto by Caroline Istas

Last week, Ginkgo opened its 1st concept store at the heart of the backpackers district.  I first met my first Ginkgo shirt on a vacation trip to Nha Trang and found Ginkgo shirts, quirky, real, and interesting. Owning a Ginkgo shirt is like taking a piece of Vietnam with you wherever you go.

Ginkgo gave Hello Saigon the first peek into their new and exciting shop and happily answered a few questions.

Hello Saigon (HS): How many shops around Saigon do you have including this new store? In Vietnam?

Ginkgo (G): In Saigon, we have 3 Ginkgo T-shirt Shops and 1 Ginkgo Concept Store. In Vietnam, we have 10 in total (Nha Trang – 1, Hoi An – 3, Ha Noi – 2, Saigon, 4).

HS: When did Ginkgo start operating?

G: Our first shop was opened in August 2007 in Pham Ngu Lao.

HS: Who are the people behind the operations?

G:  Miss Lan, her husband, Mr. Ben and their team of designers, directors, and marketers.

HS: What kind of style do you cater to?

G: We offer high quality T-shirts for everybody with original designs inspired by Asian, but more specifically, Vietnamese culture.

HS: What’s so different about the new store compared with the others?

G: Ginkgo Concept Store is a place created in the heart of the historic and touristic area of Trung Tam Saigon, District 1.  This new shopping experience offers a unique + original mix from different designers and brands made in Vietnam. We strive for quality and always respecting the efforts of the artisans who are creating gifts for you to take back home. We focus on natural, organic, and sustainable products to try and ensure that when you share your souvenir back home, the high quality design + creativity will reflect the true culture of Vietnam.

Gingko is also very pleased to act as a developer or launch pad to the Vietnamese (or not) desginers and artists who can make themselves known to many customers who visit our Concept Store.

HS: What more can we expect from Ginkgo?

More clothes, better quality, and a real commitment on fair trade and protection of the environment.

Visit the Ginkgo Concept Store at 254 De Tham St., in District 1.

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