Food Trip: Asian Noodle House

 photo 20130623_171210_zpseb4690c2.jpgWe saw an ad at Crescent Mall about this new noodle house in Crescent Plaza. And since they were offering 10% discount in their opening week, we decided to check it out.

 photo 20130623_1712181_zps75eaddb3.jpgThe restaurant is sparsely decorated with a earth tone colors. Since it’s new, it looks very, very clean. 🙂

 photo 20130623_171238_zpsc2cefd6e.jpgFrom where we were seated, we could see the theater kitchen.

 photo 20130623_171857_zpsa5fd27ed.jpgTheir prepared menu is in Vietnamese BUT the head server quickly gave us an English Menu  apologizing that they haven’t received the proper English Menu book.

 photo 20130623_171312_zps86540cea.jpgTheir main menu is a mix of noodle cuisine from all over Asia (obviously).

 photo 20130623_172305_zps5683c8dc.jpgHubby ordered the char kway teow. It’s good but of course not at par with the real thing from Malaysia.

 photo 20130623_172347_zpsd6909187.jpgI got my pork minced congee with century egg. This one’s good but a little watery. I like my congee a little thicker. And I would have like more century eggs. 🙂  Another comment is that the bowl was way too big for the portion. I mean the portion is okay but it looked like the portion is small because the bowl was too big. 🙂

 photo 20130623_172610_zpsf8c0bcae.jpgThis is the chicken puff which I didn’t get to taste. It’s like chicken empanada. Hubby and my eldest finished this off so I guess it was pretty good.

 photo 20130623_172506_zps6ea0d791.jpgAnd my favorite of all the dishes we ordered, is the chicken satay. The dip is delicious! I just wished that the portion was bigger and the chicken thicker.  😀  I liked this so much, we ordered two of this.

 photo 20130623_172738_zps86bf914a.jpg

For Buddhists, you’d be happy to know that they serve vegetarian dishes every 1st, 14th, 15th and 30th of the lunar calendar. 🙂

I think this noodle house holds a lot of promise. And the price is just right. You won’t break the budget.  The staff was nice and they’ve got an English staff available. Also, it was pretty nice for one of the staff to proactively offer to move a guest’s motorbike when the roving guard saw it was parked in the wrong zone.

They deliver too!

Asian Noodle House
Crescent Plaza

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2 Responses to Food Trip: Asian Noodle House

  1. Danny says:

    Went there and ordered 3 dishes and 2 drinks as there were two of us. Only 1 dish and 1 drink delivered. After 20 minutes, asked about the order…… Yes yes yes yes even without listening properly. Second dish arrived in 5 minutes. Asked about 3rd dish? Oh we don’t know u ordered. Oh wait there’s something wrong with the computer …. Hello? The whole restaurant is empty except our table and there are 4 staff there….

    Called the manager and the first reply coming out from the mouth is…..

    You should remind the staff if the order not delivered…. What the ….?

    The Hainaness chicken rice is pathetic. The chicken satay is good. The beef satay is ok.

    All in all, will come back after 2 months providing they are still in business.

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