June Oi!

 photo 20130615_184814_zps37ee3bc6.jpgHave you seen this month’s Oi issue? I know this is a verrrry late post. But don’t you just love the cover?

 photo 20130615_184832_zpsef219baa.jpgThere also is an article on the heated debate between which is better, Hanoi or Saigon? So which is it? 😀

 photo 20130615_184856_zpse5d3e52a.jpg

There also is an interesting article on the difference between the strategy of Western parents on how to put their kids to sleep versus Vietnamese parents. I’m an advocate of co-sleeping so this was good to read.

 photo 20130615_184916_zps7e823aa1.jpgOh and some short articles on the some myths in Vietnam. 😉

Grabe your copy here or download here.

Enjoy Oi!

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1 Response to June Oi!

  1. helpinghow says:

    We love the photography!!! Great magazine!! Thank you Lyra!! Wonderful work as usual!! xoxo

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