Lego Play & Edu

 photo 20130624_172820_zpsca6118df.jpgRemember Lego Brain in Grandview? I’m not sure if this is the same shop in Sky Garden but Lego Play & Edu offers Lego play activities too.

 photo 20130621_180343_zps46e19316.jpg

My son has been going a couple of times a week with friends as part of his summer activity. 😛

 photo 20130621_180415_zpsd6887c05.jpgIt doesn’t come cheap though.

 photo 20130621_180356_zpsea28a804.jpg

One hour of play costs 80,000 VND. The second hour costs 60,000 VND. It gets cheaper as your kid stays longer.

 photo 20130621_180330_zps1e8c266b.jpgWhat I like about it is that they have assistants who really play with the kids and before playing everybody are asked to wash their hands.

If you can’t think of a fun activity to do this summer, might as well try this. My son hates it when the hour is up!

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3 Responses to Lego Play & Edu

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  2. Cindy Koh says:

    Hi there, does the assistant speak English?

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