Saigon Kitsch: My Happy Place

When I was living back in Manila, my happy place is National Bookstore. I can go ’round and ’round the store for hours and not get tired going through the books, smelling the papers, looking at notebooks, and trying different pens.

Here in Saigon, the bookstores are not as well-stocked in the English book department so I don’t get to spend much time in one. But since I still consider myself a tourist parading as a temporary resident here in Saigon, I love going to souvenir shops. Saigon Kitsch is one of my happy places. I visit every now and then to mentally take note of what I’d want to buy when it’s time to say bye bye to this city.

 photo 20130624_165855_zpse7ff3c2b.jpgI am in love with their coasters.  If we leave and if we have a bon voyage party, can I put up a registry and ask friends to get me stuff from here?

 photo 20130624_164342_zps16384666.jpgI’d dedicate a fridge for all the fridge magnets they sell. 😛

 photo 20130624_164412_zps51fb813f.jpgIf you’re not the souvenir-y type of a person, they also sell coasters designed with your favorite TV show or movie.

 photo 20130624_164451_zps3f5690cb.jpgI love the above coasters. The only place I haven’t been to in those that are designed is Ha Noi.

 photo 20130624_164432_zps3c8c9e26.jpgThe propaganda coasters just screams Vietnam.

 photo 20130624_191047_zpsb18750c1.jpgThey’ve got stickers too — this will go on my luggage. 🙂

These are just a fraction of what this little shop is selling. Hope I get to bring some loot home! 🙂

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2 Responses to Saigon Kitsch: My Happy Place

  1. drizzle88 says:

    regarding english books, I have to agree that sai gon is not well-stocked… However, I manage to find one way or another to compromise with my thrive for English books when I backed to Sai gon. : ) I recommend PNC (1 in PMH, 1 in vincom), Fahasa book store. You can try online bookstore like Their English books are sometimes a lil bit pricey due the fact that they actually buy from other oversea online dealer… However, one cute thing I like about tiki is that they bind the books with nice plastic cover:)

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