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Getting Around Saigon

We didn’t know we’d be staying for much longer than 3 years in Vietnam so we didn’t really gave getting a car much thought. Had we known, we would have probably put a car in our budget. Don’t get me … Continue reading

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Taxis in Saigon

With family and friends visiting all the time, I’ve been often asked what is my trusted taxi service. And how does one get a taxi from the airport?  Getting a taxi from the airport has been quite a concern especially … Continue reading

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Nick Vujicic

I just realized why I have been avoiding bookstores — I spend way too much on books. 😦 I tried going electronic but it doesn’t seem satisfying reading that way. A couple of months ago, Christian speaker, Nick Vujicic visited … Continue reading

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Le Petit Note from the Saigon Flea Market

Yesterday was the Saigon Flea Market at Boomarang in PMH. Given that it caters to the more younger crowd, I still wanted to check it out. I had to drag hubby to go with me. He thought I wouldn’t find … Continue reading

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Food Trip: Ashima Restaurant

Last night, I was catching up on Masterchef US episodes when they featured mushrooms as part of the cooking challenge. I loooove mushrooms and was salivating after the dishes the homecooks were preparing. And today, I found out that we … Continue reading

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Anh Does Vietnam

This is just too precious not to share. Comedian Anh Do, born in Vietnam and raised in Australia comes back to Vietnam to do a documentary of what could have been if he was raised here.

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The 7 Studio

A few weeks ago I saw a shop being built and they were starting to cover the walls with artificial grass —Perplexed is the word — until I found out that the shop is The 7 Studio. I’ve been wanting … Continue reading

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