July Oi!

 photo 20130705_181133_zpsf05e7ffa.jpgOi has once again came up with an eye-catching cover featuring a circus folk from the HCMC Circus performing at the Gia Dinh Park in Phu Nhuan.

 photo 20130705_181406_zpse9fad11f.jpgI found the stories of the people behind the circus quite interesting and inspiring. I’m hoping we can bring Sam to one of their shows before school starts in August.

 photo 20130705_181656_zpsd5d7530d.jpgOi’s resident photographer also has a photo essay of the life in North Vietnam and you can see the rest of the photos in his website, Quinn Ryan Mattingly Photography.

 photo 20130705_181431_zps0e4d30f6.jpgAnd this page on Vietnam Myths really alarmed me because I’ve been drinking lots of coconut juice this past month! You gotta read all about it!

 photo 20130705_221602_zps6cafa322.jpg

On the food front, my favorite restaurant, Scott and Binh’s is featured too! We were just there last week for dinner as a send off for a friend going back to Manila. As usual, we all had our fill. I just love the food there.

 photo 20130705_181149_zps8c0652c1.jpgIf you’re a parent on the search for a school for your kid/s, you’ve gotta check out Michael Arnold’s piece on School of Thought.

 photo 20130705_181202_zpsfd7ebd97.jpgYup! Our family is featured on this article too! Might not happen again so this is shameless plugging if you still haven’t figured out. 😛

 photo 20130705_181242_zpsa219d034.jpgAnd if you love to roam the streets of PMH on your bike, you might want to read up on my article on Cycle Paths. This article was pieced together through the help of my mom-friends, Ruth and Armi who weathered the Saigon heat with me to explore the streets of Phu My Hung. 🙂

If you can’t find a copy of Oi or just plain lazy to get off your butt, you can just download here.

Enjoy a serving of Oi this month of July!

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6 Responses to July Oi!

  1. G’day! I love reading about De-Bunking Food Myths, true!
    Interesting re the coconuts and thank you for allowing me to learn something new today too!
    Cheers! Joanne

  2. mandanz says:

    Hi, just wondering if you know how/where to buy tickets for the circus?
    Would love to check it out!

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