Food Trip: Cafe Tospia

 photo 20130704_163055_zpsb98f5b22.jpg

Cafes seem to be popping up everywhere! Another addition to our neighborhood is Cafe Tospia owned by a Korean, Mr. Hong.

 photo 20130704_163619_zps9b6283e0.jpgBasically, they offer pressed sandwich, coffee, and juices. They have omurice though which I have yet to try!

 photo 20130704_163952_zps9b567115.jpgA glass of refreshing raspberry juice comes free when you order any of their sandwiches.  Either this or a softdrink.

 photo 20130704_164050_zpseab96b6d.jpgI ordered the ham and cheese sandwich and thought that I can make this at home. LOL. But really I couldn’t. I dunno what they put into this sandwich but it was a tad spicy and tasted not your ordinary ham and cheese. It was served with garlic bread sticks and salad.

It’s actually pretty good. And if you want a quick getaway from the noise of the kids in the apartment, Cafe Tospia is a pretty relaxing place.

 photo 20130704_163634_zpsf977af4c.jpgFind Cafe Tospia at the 2nd floor of Sky Garden 1, PMH.

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