The 7 Studio

A few weeks ago I saw a shop being built and they were starting to cover the walls with artificial grass — photo 20130711_171041_zps9629cc05.jpgPerplexed is the word — until I found out that the shop is The 7 Studio.

 photo 20130711_171051_zps72b0318b.jpgI’ve been wanting to visit their original shop in Binh Thanh District but that is just way too far!

 photo 20130711_171045_zps4f078d1e.jpgSo imagine my excitement when I was walking ’round the area and saw that they’ve opened!

 photo 20130711_170954_zps3ccea584.jpgI first found out about this shop at the Crescent Mall weekend flea market.

 photo 20130711_170949_zps44b10e5f.jpgI’m a sucker for cute and colorful kitchen stuff and —

 photo 20130711_170945_zpsc32241aa.jpgcanvases you can hang on the wall with words instead of pictures.

 photo 20130711_170833_zps75f43cc6.jpgIt’s quite a small showroom though but it has just enough space to showcase their products. It felt kinda “exclusive” which makes you feel like you’re buying one of a kind items.

 photo 20130711_170829_zps110982d5.jpgLots of interesting stuff fills every corner and wall —

 photo 20130711_170824_zpsd09fa03c.jpgThey also sell throw pillows and linens —

 photo 20130711_170818_zps8da1a3af.jpgYou gotta check ’em out. 🙂

 photo 20130711_170806_zpsd02e82d5.jpgA well-stocked and designed store always attracts me. 😛

 photo 20130711_170756_zps00c50fcb.jpgFind them at the 2nd floor of Sky Garden 1 — right by the stairs in front of Nguyen Van Linh Street.

 photo 20130711_170753_zpscbda449c.jpgHappy shopping!

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4 Responses to The 7 Studio

  1. kerril29 says:

    This is fab! I’ve been looking for a shop like this for ages in HCMC, dying to spruce up my kitchen! Thanks!

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