Food Trip: Ashima Restaurant

 photo 20130719_115954_zpse0cdd6ad.jpgLast night, I was catching up on Masterchef US episodes when they featured mushrooms as part of the cooking challenge. I loooove mushrooms and was salivating after the dishes the homecooks were preparing.

 photo 20130719_120031_zps87272779.jpg

And today, I found out that we had a team lunch at Ashima Restaurant which only serves entrees with mushrooms! Yay!

 photo 20130719_120044_zps16bf8760.jpg

It seems like a pretty expensive place. Quite surprised that there weren’t any other customers. But as explained by my office mate, hotpot is the usual order and it takes a bit of time to cook — one hour for lunch wouldn’t be enough.

 photo 20130719_120142_zps6fc19cb3.jpg

First we had the salmon and shrimp salad.

 photo 20130719_120806_zps9edb8cbd.jpgThen, the beef wrapped around enoki mushrooms.

 photo 20130719_121625_zps56d9860d.jpgFor the hotpot, we had 7 types of mushrooms with black chicken — at first.

 photo 20130719_123915_zpsfdc48621.jpgThe dipping sauces were perfect. The one on the left was a spicy sesame seed with the broth from the soup while the other one was like some special soy sauce.

 photo 20130719_124231_zps886475bb.jpgAs we ate along, the servers kept on adding more stuff — veggie tofu, a crunchy paper-thin like soya, some more greens, and Ashima noodles.

 photo 20130719_124240_zps31f192a8.jpgIt was a bottomless pit of hotpot! We had 6 of this for our team of around 40 people.

 photo 20130719_124643_zps71564576.jpgThat’s a cross-section of my favorite ensemble. I didn’t like the black chicken though.

So there, if you’re craving for some mushrooms, do visit Ashima Restaurant. They’ve got several outlets but this one is at 35A Nguyen Dinh Chieu St. in District 1. I highly recommend it for lunch because there literally is no one else there! Β You’ll definitely burn a small hole in your pocket but the food is excellent (or may be I’m just too excited about it now.)!


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5 Responses to Food Trip: Ashima Restaurant

  1. Yen Phan says:

    Its emptiness is relative to its priciness, I guess.

  2. kerril29 says:

    I’ve also heard that this is the place to go in the evenings – haven’t had chance to visit yet, but will do soon, I blummin’ love mushrooms! I don’t mind higher prices either, so long as the food quality matches – which by the look of your photos it does!

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