Nick Vujicic

I just realized why I have been avoiding bookstores — I spend way too much on books. 😦 I tried going electronic but it doesn’t seem satisfying reading that way.

 photo 20130720_171545_zps52e87d69.jpgA couple of months ago, Christian speaker, Nick Vujicic visited Vietnam. And you cannot imagine how difficult it was to get tickets!  I was one of the lucky few who got tickets for free through terrific connections (Thanks Ate Tina Peiji!). BUT our family had to leave for Bangkok then (so had to give the tickets to friends). 😦 So had to settle for the videos of the event instead.

Back to the books — so when I visited the bookstore, I found a couple of his books in English! YES! This Limitless book costs:

 photo 20130720_171551_zps7c86dc15.jpgOr Php 440 (~ 10 USD). Quite expensive when I found his 3 Vietnamese-translated books for just a little over the same price!

 photo 20130720_171534_zps3cdab152.jpg

Can you believe this? Just around 11 USD for all 3 books!!!

 photo 20130720_171604_zpsa9a65ae9.jpgThe Vietnamese are lucky!  Their books are cheap! I even sometimes buy Vietnamese coloring books for my son because those really are inexpensive!

Oh and Nick Vujicic’s book, Unstoppable, is also available but it would cost me 15 USD more! *sigh* Now, I wish I know how to read Vietnamese!

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2 Responses to Nick Vujicic

  1. Toby Frazier says:

    The large public events, featuring Nick’s motivational talks, were very powerful in themselves. Who better to talk about overcoming obstacles than a man with no arms and no legs? Nick has learned to swim, surf, and skydive, is married to a beautiful woman and has a son, has traveled to speak in 44 countries, has authored best-selling books and is the epitome of purpose, joy and gratefulness.

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