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I know what you’ll see below aren’t really earthshaking stuff. But these do bring a smile or a laugh whenever I see a juggling act on the streets of Saigon. Flower delivery Why not just put the whole shopping cart … Continue reading

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Exploring Ly Tu Trong Street

Wonder where to buy your swimwear in Saigon for your next beach vacation? It’s no secret that the Vietnamese are on the lean side so it is a bit of a feat to find swimwear that fits my size. Boooo! … Continue reading

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Allez Boo Resort

With the long weekend upon us, I’m pretty sure a lot are scrambling to get out of Saigon or find some place for a much needed R&R. The usual suspects are usually the nearest Saigon — like Vung Tau and … Continue reading

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What’s your favorite mooncake flavor?

So it’s almost the time of the year again (mid-Autumn) when mooncake start to fill the shelves of bakeries and even makeshift shops turn up on the street to sell this once-a-year delectables. We received our box of mooncake early.The … Continue reading

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Collecting Books For The Bazaar Of The Consular Club HCMC

There’s no doubt about it, I love books and would like to help spread the love for reading by posting this letter from the New Zealand Consulate.  If you have books you want donate to help raise funds for the … Continue reading

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Bakery Review: Alo Tra

Amidst gourmet bakeries popping in the city, Alo Tra Milk Tea and Shop has remained one of my favorites. They serve on the freshest bread daily and even advertise their baking times so you know when it’s the right time … Continue reading

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A Trip to Cho Lon

It was time to make my annual trip to Cho Lon. 😀 The last time I went there was when I was pregnant with my second son in 2011. This time with mom visiting and her insisting to see Saigon’s … Continue reading

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Certification for Child’s Nationality

Okay so I know now my post on How to Get a Birth Certificate poses more questions (LOL). So, how to get a Certification for your Child’s Nationality? The requirements are below to be submitted to your own embassy — … Continue reading

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Food Trip: Vuon Nam Restaurant (Mushroom Farmville)

Last week, a couple of friends asked if we could have lunch in District 1 and since we didn’t want to eat somewhere we’ve been to before, we decided to a recommendation from the Ho Chi Minh Food Forum. We … Continue reading

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Pilates is here in Saigon

I’ve always been curious with Pilates. This fairly new physical fitness system was developed in Germany by Joseph Pilates. This is actually quite popular in my home country. According to Wikipedia, “Pilates improves muscle tone, balances musculature, supports correct posture, … Continue reading

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