Toilet Finder

You gotta go when you gotta go!

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I read about Tran Diep Bang’s app called the Toilet Finder Vietnam (only available for androids) and decided to give it a try.

The 17-year old Bang has 4 made 4 apps in total and I was wondering if his Toilet Finder is a royal flush.

According to the article, it shows areas and restaurants where there are toilets found.

I’ve tried it the other day and yes it indeed show areas where I can find toilets but somehow, not all the time.

Like today.

 photo Screenshot_2013-08-02-08-52-34_zpsac4436b5.pngI guess it may have something to do with my access to GPS. The app basically accesses the Google Maps. And some of the maps are not yet updated. Having worked for a mapping company, it’s not easy doing updates on map information so clearly, this application is just as good as how fast Google is able to update its maps.

The app hinges on the idea if there is a restaurant or a mall, of course there might be a toilet. But how clean the toilet is another question.

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