I was not even thinking of buying anything this weekend but an FB post by a friend reminded me I need to get some Instax films for my son’s upcoming birthday. Before, I usually order from Shop May Anh Instax. But compared to, their price is pretty steep. It’s a no brainer so I decided to try Lazada.

 photo 20130806_105127_zpsf2e54ddf.jpgI knew though from previous experiences with Zalora and Cung Mua that I’ll be dealing with a Vietnamese delivery guy and yes, I’d be asked to meet the guy by the parking lot because he couldn’t possibly leave his bike with all the other stuff he has to deliver.

So, I ordered Sunday. Got the call Monday to confirm delivery today, Tuesday.

Lazada boasts of 1-2 days delivery time and yup, it’s true, they deliver on time. However, I ended up asking my office mate to get the package for me because my conversational Vietnamese isn’t that good.

But if you’re asking is Lazada safe and reliable? Absolutely in my experience. I did cash on delivery which is the safest transaction they offer.

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