Lego Build Your World at Crescent Mall

 photo 20130803_161635_zps5b4a7fbf.jpgYesterday, Lego Build Your World competition opened at the ground floor of Crescent Mall.

So from August 7 to 11, 2013, children can come over to build whatever is it they desire using Lego blocks and enter their creation in the competition.

All blocks are provided by Lego of course and with the turnout yesterday, I wonder how Lego can keep up with the demand for blocks for the next 4 more days.

There are two areas for children to play. There’s the Duplo area for much younger kids and those not entering the competition:

 photo 20130807_182155_zps7f831ad4.jpgAt the other side of the mall, is the competition floor with chairs around for adults to watch.

 photo 20130807_190615_zps66eeee5f.jpgKids can haul blocks from the Lego block pit with the boxes provided and move to a spot on the competition floor.

 photo 20130807_185104_zps2672b1aa.jpgI think my son was overwhelmed by the whole thing. He couldn’t decide whether to make a house or a car.

 photo 20130807_181235_zpsdda78a9b.jpgAnd honestly, it was quite difficult digging through the whole thing and finding the parts you needed.

 photo 20130807_181136_zpsf4e6cfa0.jpgEverything was so tempting though. I wanted to take home a couple of these plates.

 photo 20130807_181058_zpsf11d90c3.jpgAt first, I was helping Sam because we didn’t actually think of entering the competition. Until I got booted off. 😛 No adults allowed to help. Although I saw lots of adults on the side helping their kids. 😛 I was pretty miffed! I tried to plead my case. Hello? I’m a kid at heart!!! I love Lego! LOL.

 photo 20130807_181024_zpsc300a3f7.jpgSo I just decided to check out the entries.

 photo 20130807_181729_zps896502c1.jpgThere were a lot already just for the first day. So imagine when you come back on Saturday.

 photo 20130807_181812_zps28f3c04f.jpgI think they failed to communicate the requirements and criteria for judging. Because on the 5th day, I’m pretty sure they’ll run out of blocks.

 photo 20130807_181854_zpsb8ac0056.jpgThere were some Lego sculptures on display as well and discounts on Lego items being sold from 30-50% off.

 photo 20130807_182002_zps640b5a78.jpgIf you’re looking for something to do with the kids during these last few days before school starts, do check out Lego Build Your World. Bring your child or bring your inner child with you. 😉

 photo 20130807_181653_zps4af864f8.jpg

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3 Responses to Lego Build Your World at Crescent Mall

  1. hellosfbayarea says:

    Oh wow, my boys went crazy just looking at the photos… hehehe. Looks like it was a fun event. I am a kid at heart too. Haha!

  2. tuabb says:

    Hi there,
    By chance I’ve read this blog, I’m delighted to let you know that we’re preparing for Lego Christmas Event. Hope to see u and Sam there. 🙂

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