Bicycle! Bicycle!

 photo 20130810_112201_zpsf07d483f.jpg*cue music*

“I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike…”

It’s bicycle shopping weekend for us as we find something for our 4 year old turning 5 in a couple of weeks. School starts next week and we thought it would be best that he at least get to enjoy a new bike before things get busy.

We headed to Martin 107 along Vo Thi Sau St. which is one of the more popular bike shops in town. It helps that they have a good website where you can check out the bikes first and see if there’s actually something you’d be interested in.

 photo 20130810_110812_zps81e77f00.jpgIt helps too that friends highly recommended the place.

 photo 20130810_110925_zpscdd49bf4.jpgIt is no surprise that Sam zoomed in on what he wanted quickly. Red is his favorite color of the moment. I wanted one of these though —

 photo 20130810_111056_zps59a53b38.jpg

which costs around 3.3MVND or this one which costs 12MVND —

 photo 20130810_111908_zps2b0be509.jpgAnd then I remembered I can’t really do long distance biking just yet. :/

 photo 20130810_111241_zps94471d35.jpgIt was just awesome just looking at rows and rows of bikes.

 photo 20130810_110742_zps6043fa8d.jpgSam’s bike needed a bell and a quick tune-up —

 photo 20130810_111613_zps6e6084dc.jpgNot bad for 1.6MVND. The one that we wanted from a shop in the mall costs more than twice that amount and apart from the color and design, it looked the same. We paid in cash although I called in advance and was informed that they accept credit card. I also sent an SMS earlier but was told that they accept only cash. So which is which? *scratches head*

But anyway, I highly recommend Martin 107. Service is quick and painless and not at all bad on the pocket. However, if you leave far from the place like we do, I think it’s much better to just place your order online and have the bike delivered. Save money on the cab fare!

Martin 107
97B Vo Thi Sau St., D3

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6 Responses to Bicycle! Bicycle!

  1. Matt Evans says:

    Nice one! I’m thinking of cycling from HCMC to Hanoi soon, so I need a good bike shop – thanks for the advice.

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  5. david grosvenor says:

    Do you import Martin bikes to NZ?

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