Food Trip: Vuon Nam Restaurant (Mushroom Farmville)

 photo 20130816_121230_zpsdea557e6.jpgLast week, a couple of friends asked if we could have lunch in District 1 and since we didn’t want to eat somewhere we’ve been to before, we decided to a recommendation from the Ho Chi Minh Food Forum.

We found ourselves at Vuon Nam Restaurant or Mushroom Farmville which is a few meters from the corner of Zen Plaza at Nguyen Trai St.

The place is new and quite popular these days with office workers. Vuon Nam serves Vietnamese and Western dishes at affordable prices.

 photo 20130816_123604_zps1c0d05b0.jpg

This salmon pasta if I remember correctly is around 80kVND.

 photo 20130816_124236_zps9a99236f.jpgThe sea bass is around 120kVND and so is the salmon in cream sauce —

 photo 20130816_124230_zpse6f74365.jpg

Although this tastes good, I just find the portion really small save for the pasta. The salmon seems a bit overcooked too. But since this place is new, I’ll cut them some slack. 3 out of 5 stars.

Vuon Nam (Mushroom Farmville)
46 Nguyen Van Trang, District 1, HCMC

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