A Trip to Cho Lon

 photo 20130820_085659_zps96b5cfb5.jpgIt was time to make my annual trip to Cho Lon. 😀 The last time I went there was when I was pregnant with my second son in 2011.

This time with mom visiting and her insisting to see Saigon’s version of Chinatown, we just had to go. And besides, I was in the hunt for some souvenirs for my son’s 5th birthday.

From our place, we rode Bus 86 for 6,000 VND each. Unlike before where there is a bus attendant who takes your payment, you’d have to do it yourself up front by the driver. If not, the driver will shout at you in reminder. 6,000 VND is cheap for a 30 minute ride that will cost you over 100kVND on a taxi cab.

 photo 20130819_163950_zps3d23c6f8.jpgMy  main goal was to find some Minions/Despicable Me items which cost really expensive in District 1. This hat costs 150kVND. While the keychains below cost 20kVND each.

 photo 20130819_164154_zps3e7aae0c.jpgWhile the smallest stuff toy costs 60kVND each and its not even well-made.

 photo 20130820_094314_zps7314a52c.jpgOf course going to Cho Lon means checking out some other stuff too.

 photo 20130820_094245_zps7137e9c0.jpgI seriously wanted to get the pink bunny ears.

 photo 20130820_105445_zps63653726.jpgAnd if you’re looking to buy good quality utensils, I’m telling you the best stuff are here. I bought a set of teaspoon for 50kVND. My friend bought a set of spoon and fork (10 pairs) at 200kVND — not those thin malleable metal. These are thick and durable ones.

 photo 20130820_111302_zpsd7996269.jpg

We dropped by the head gear section and we were automatically in a sea of hats, caps, and helmets! I originally wanted to crochet my sons’ classmates Minion bonnet/beanies but realized that I should have started long ago — like maybe 6 months ago? Coz there was no way I can finish 16 bonnets in 5 days!
 photo 20130815_174138_zpsad7e1472.jpgLuckily, we chanced upon this:

 photo 20130820_111334_zps7f5ee594.jpg

My mom also found the stuff she needed for her project back home with UniQue Unisan Weavers. She found shawls, studs, and other accessories.

Hopefully, the kids will like the baseball caps.

 photo 20130820_154652_zps20c72c2d.jpg

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