Certification for Child’s Nationality

Okay so I know now my post on How to Get a Birth Certificate poses more questions (LOL). So, how to get a Certification for your Child’s Nationality?

The requirements are below to be submitted to your own embassy — at least these were what was asked of me from the Philippine Embassy. It is still best to check with your own embassy.

  • Birth certificate from the hospital
  • Marriage certificate
  • Your letter confirming the nationality of your child

The draft of the letter can be:

Nationality of Child Confirmation

My name is [insert your full name] with [insert country] Passport Number [insert passport number].  My husband/wife’s name is [insert full name] with [insert country] Passport Number [insert passport number]. Our child, [insert full name] was born on [insert birth date] at the [hospital name] Hospital at [insert hospital address].

We wish that our child will be a [insert citizenship] citizen and have the surname of his father, [insert full name of child again].

Sincerely yours,

[Signature above name]

After which, your embassy shall give you a certification like below —
 photo certificatejpg_zps6009c193.png

Once you get the certification, you have to have this translated and notarized at the People’s Committee and authenticated at the Department of Foreign Affairs. Now, how does an authentication looks like? It’s basically a sticker with red seal behind the legal document:
 photo 20130821_145310_zps9c0c4118.jpgSo there. Hope this helps!

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4 Responses to Certification for Child’s Nationality

  1. marcus-mx says:

    Lyra, you are an absolute star.
    Thank you so much – I can now draft letter and take it into the UK Embassy on my next visit. This truly shows the power of the social internet, your information has been invaluable in plotting my way through this process. Your kindness is so appreciated.

  2. Groot says:

    Hi Lyra. If my wife and I have different citizenship do we need to go to both our embassies and get an affidavit from each of them?

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