Bakery Review: Alo Tra

Amidst gourmet bakeries popping in the city, Alo Tra Milk Tea and Shop has remained one of my favorites. They serve on the freshest bread daily and even advertise their baking times so you know when it’s the right time to visit.

There are lots of Alo Tra in the city but the nearest our place is along Hung Phuoc 2 in Phu My Hung. photo IMG_3308_zps6264c673.jpgBut apart from the bread which is affordably priced (half the price of those in Paris Baguette or Tous Les Jours), I thought I’d check out their cakes for my son’s small party. I admit I have my misgivings because it doesn’t really seemed like Alo Tra specialized in cakes BUT I was pleasantly surprised that the Minion chiffon cake I ordered. It was light, not to sweet and was right in the pocket.

 photo IMG_3314_zps1c18569a.jpgMy son who just turned 5 enjoyed the cake and even my 1 year old decided to dig in the icing. Who says you need pricey cakes to have a terrific centerpiece to your party?

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