Allez Boo Resort

 photo IMG_1216_zps678fa9c2.jpgWith the long weekend upon us, I’m pretty sure a lot are scrambling to get out of Saigon or find some place for a much needed R&R.

The usual suspects are usually the nearest Saigon — like Vung Tau and Mui Ne. If you’re thinking of going to Vung Tau, be warned that it does get pretty crowded and you may want to drive a bit further to Long Hai Beach. A few years back, we stayed at Long Hai Beach Resort next to Anoasis Resort.

For Mui Ne, we’ve tried, Mui Ne Resort by The Sinh Tourist, Blue Ocean Resort, The Cliff Resort,  and Allez Boo Resort. Have no idea why I haven’t gotten around sharing about Allez Boo.

It’s actually a pretty good sized resort along Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street.
 photo IMG_1214_zps8898bce5.jpgWe visited this resort last year with friends and we did enjoy our stay here. Upon arriving, we were served with some welcome drinks.

 photo IMG_1013_zpsa86cf392.jpgThere was plenty of space to play around this resort.

 photo IMG_1257_zps11c2871e.jpgThe pool is huge with an area for kids to play too.

 photo IMG_1252_zps40d4d0eb.jpg

The place has way too much space. 🙂

 photo IMG_1255_zpsc5f081af.jpg

The dining area is breezy ——-

 photo IMG_1035_zpsa6db6348.jpgwith windows offering a spectacular view of the beach —-

 photo IMG_1042_zpsf6e08120.jpgIf you want to bask in the sun, you can opt to dine outside —-

 photo IMG_1037_zps6d6335e6.jpgor here —-

 photo IMG_1034_zps45859ed0.jpgAm not too happy with the ala carte menu though because it can get quite expensive but the  breakfast buffet spread is actually pretty good with Western and Vietnamese options.

 photo IMG_1110_zpscdeb104a.jpgI loved the cheese!

 photo IMG_1108_zps7fbfe63a.jpgOur room, like everywhere else is spacious too! We’ve got the king-size bed.

 photo IMG_1056_zps7d27c1b3.jpgThe room had a balcony so its well lighted —

 photo IMG_1076_zps3629ad66.jpgThe bathroom has a tub —-

 photo IMG_1077_zpsa7f6d598.jpgThe place is clean alright.

 photo IMG_1079_zps792bc850.jpgThe amenities were all there.

 photo IMG_1080_zpsfa8e6d4e.jpg

However, the room was not that well maintained because chips of paint were falling off and for some reason, our room had lots of ants. When I ordered from a local restaurant, they wouldn’t allow delivery initially to our room when I really couldn’t go down because my son was sleeping then. But they relented eventually.

Another thing I didn’t like was that since Allez Boo’s accommodations are pretty segmented, there’s no connecting roof to the different areas. And when we visited in August last year, there were times that it rained in the evening and we all had to run to our rooms hoping not to get wet. It would have been nice if the attendant were proactive in helping us with umbrellas but no, we had to fend for ourselves.

Service then was overall okay but nothing spectacular. The place holds so much promise and I hope their service is much much better now.

Will I come back here? Honestly, after experiencing a real good vacation in The Cliff, I’d much rather spend money there. However, because its new, The Cliff does offer better accommodations.

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