What’s your favorite mooncake flavor?

So it’s almost the time of the year again (mid-Autumn) when mooncake start to fill the shelves of bakeries and even makeshift shops turn up on the street to sell this once-a-year delectables.  photo 20130828_165118_zpsfcfacf38.jpgWe received our box of mooncake early. photo 20130826_172552_zpse44baaaf.jpgThe box itself looks pricey! I’m wondering how the other bakeshops are designing their boxes this year. This one below is from New World — It looks like a wine bottle holder but the latch is pretty fancy. photo PhotoGrid_1377669736958_zps5f2e1abf.png

We learned after a quick trip to Brodard that the cheapest is just under a 100kVND for a ca phe flavored mooncake (that’ll probably keep you up for hours if it’s really made from Vietnamese coffee. :P). The most expensive sounded exotic which costs over 200kVND!!!

 photo 20130826_172615_zps0f0cc512.jpgOur original box contained, red bean, tiramisu, fish with orange, and chicken. I know!!! The last two doesn’t sound appetizing at all but believe you me those last two are the most expensive of the bunch! The locals say those are the “specials”. I won’t argue with them!

Me? I’m just happy with the red bean and tiramisu. Gotta find the green tea!

Oh and if you’re wondering what a mooncake is made of?  Read on The Anatomy of a Mooncake.

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3 Responses to What’s your favorite mooncake flavor?

  1. Katie says:

    Neat! I’m excited to try these. Those flavours freak me out a bit, though! Maybe I’ll just buy one I can’t read & eat it with my eyes closed hehehe

  2. 38957560 says:

    This cake is a traditional cake in Viet Nam country as you see. People usually buy this cake and give it to their parents as a gift. Especially children with latterns in this ocassion play on the street. Every child in Viet Nam knows this traditions and it’s very fun.
    If you want to know more about Viet Nam. I’ll help you as a tourguide. I’m just a student in HCM city but I think my knowledge of my country will help you a lot. Call 0908041574. Huy

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