Exploring Ly Tu Trong Street

 photo 20130827_131436_zps731f6978.jpgWonder where to buy your swimwear in Saigon for your next beach vacation?

It’s no secret that the Vietnamese are on the lean side so it is a bit of a feat to find swimwear that fits my size. Boooo!

If you don’t know it yet, Ly Tu Trong St. in District 1 is popular place for people looking for swimsuits, swim gear and even lingerie. 😛 photo 20130604_145954_zps4ff0901c.jpgWell-known swimsuit shop, Aquamarine has a branch in Ly Tu Trong St.

 photo 20130604_145951_zps4f6c1159.jpgBut if the prices seem a bit steep for you just step out and walk the block (almost behind Ben Thanh Market), and you’d see other shops.

 photo 20130604_144932_zps1393ebe8.jpgFor my son’s swimsuit, I go to Xuan Thu and I swear by the quality. The only reason that we let go of the suits is that my son outgrows ’em.

 photo 20130604_143629_zps9f2ad9b0.jpgI haven’t asked myself but I’ve heard you can have swimsuits designed for you here in this area.

 photo 20130604_143304_zps392219f4.jpgStrojis almost always have a sale in their shop.

These boutiques are the best places to go to because they have fitting rooms! LOL. Don’t buy at bazaars shops that don’t allow you to try suits! Most likely you’d end up not wearing ’em! 😛

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  1. liza jane alvarez says:

    Nice post Miss Lyra!Those are stuffs that I’m looking for!

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