I know what you’ll see below aren’t really earthshaking stuff. But these do bring a smile or a laugh whenever I see a juggling act on the streets of Saigon.
 photo 4e82b96e-8c05-4eef-8d26-369228a807d2_zps33d2fb68.jpgFlower delivery

 photo IMG_20130826_161945_zpsb14ce3d7.jpgWhy not just put the whole shopping cart on the bike, right?

 photo IMG_20130827_090225_zps1e832747.jpgSeriously, this is the easiest way to carry a tuba on a bike.

 photo IMG_20130826_100027_zps4f2b9126.jpgBananas for the minions!

 photo IMG_20130812_092842_zpsb6764193.jpgIt’s always fun to drive with lots of companions.

 photo IMG_20130726_163926_zps534573be.jpgMoving houses or highway robbery?

 photo IMG_20130829_140209_zps542094ec.jpgRecycle Cycle

 photo IMG_20130802_165349_zps6832347d.jpgPoor bike.

 photo IMG_20130731_095828_zps9985430c.jpgTruly a man’s best friend.

 photo IMG_20130802_170451_zps235067bf.jpgBike delivery on a bike

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