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Giving away 2 tickets of Dragonfly Theatre’s Dangerous Liaisons

You read it right! Thanks to our friends in Dragonfly Theatre, Hello Saigon is giving away 2 superior seats worth 1 million VND of their take of the Broadway play, Dangerous Liaisons starring Aaron Toronto (loved him in The Little Prince!), Nguyen … Continue reading

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The Artist Chef Delights the Palate!

I first met The Artist Chef, Joan Manalang when she together with friends were having a garage sale. She prepared her Grapes and Fusilli Medley Salad. TO.DIE.FOR. Just writing about it now makes me want to send her a message to … Continue reading

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My Favorite Vietnamese Food

Initially, I wanted to write my top 10 Vietnamese food. But it was too difficult. I still have to leave out some food that I liked like the caramelized chicken in fish sauce, the hot vit lon in tamarind sauce, … Continue reading

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Mid-Autumn Festival Dragon Dance

After consuming a number of mooncake, the mid-autumn comes to an end. Although its not a national holiday, the mid-autumn is celebrated with lanterns, dragon dances, and eating of mooncakes. 🙂Last Thursday night, to mark the end of the festival, … Continue reading

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Dragonfly Theatre presents…


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Food Trip: Hoa Vien

I’ve always raved about Cay Bang in Mui Ne. It’s one of those restos frequently visited by locals and the food is always, always fresh. You can go down to the kitchens and choose your seafood to be cooked. The … Continue reading

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EVN Electricity Bill Online

I don’t like opening my mailbox full of bills BUT you can hardly ignore ’em. The cable company doesn’t send billing statements anymore and you’d just see a reminder on your TV screen when you open it telling you your … Continue reading

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Dr. Dong’s Polyclinic in Mui Ne

Last August 31 (Sunday), we were staying at the Windflower Beach Boutique Hotel when my son’s fever spiked to 40 degrees Celsius at 5:30AM. Hubby and I took turns sleeping through the night making sure our youngest son didn’t experience … Continue reading

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Much Ado About Mooncake Tiramisu

With the Tet Trung Thu or Mid-Autumn Festival fast approaching (September 15 – 15th day of the 8th lunar month), I’m in a bit of a mooncake overload. NOT. The office gave us all each a box… errr an octagonal … Continue reading

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Windflower Beach Boutique Hotel

I’ve been wanting to write this entry for a while now but the stress of the past week just got to me. The Windflower Beach Boutique Hotel is a slice of calm amidst the hustle and bustle of Mui Ne. … Continue reading

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