Food Trip: Red Tomato

Red Tomato is our neighbourhood restaurant. For lazy cooking days, Red Tomato has been a real tummy saver. It’s actually Sky Garden’s gem of a restaurant as far as I’m concerned. Their food never failed me (at least not yet). 😀 It’s our go to restaurant when sending off family and friends who have visited us here in Vietnam. I know it’s a Western restaurant but after days of Vietnamese food, I do give our guests a break. 🙂  photo 20130819_184001_zpsb3d56b91.jpgNew in their menu is the fried wonton stuffed with shrimp. It’s actually pretty good.

 photo 20130819_184012_zps17746fc7.jpgMy son’s favorite is their Seafood Fried Rice.

 photo 20130819_184024_zps4e414f0f.jpgI love their spaghetti with meatballs but this seafood pasta is good too!

 photo 20130819_184017_zps99399b03.jpgIf you want some spice with your chicken, the chicken skewers is a must try!

 photo 20130819_184005_zps53294149.jpgBut our all time favorite, is their juicy and tender BBQ Ribs! Certified yummy! We just ordered one for my mom to bring home to the Philippines. My younger sister absolutely loves this! We just hope there’s no trouble with this getting in the airport!

Red Tomato
SB11-2 Sky Garden 2 and Huong Vuong 3

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3 Responses to Food Trip: Red Tomato

  1. Joie Villanueva says:

    Sarap! One more reason to go there.

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